Different Electric Machines

It is necessary to observe the main types of electric motors that can be found in industries and factories, and should be emphasized those of direct current, which has a relatively higher cost, considering that for efficient efficiency, they need a DC source, or a component capable of converting common alternating current into continuous. They can operate with adjustable speed between wide limits with controls of great flexibility and high precision. Electric motors are machines that have the main function of transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The induction-operated components are the most commercially-available type of engine, combining the conveniences of electric power usage, reduced cost, easy transportation, cleanliness and simplicity of control with its simplified construction, low cost and great versatility of adapting to the loads of different types, having the best yields always. Its use becomes reserved for cases considered exceptional, where some operating requirements can balance the higher cost of the installation process. AC motors are the most commonly used, since the distribution of electric power is carried out in alternating current and the main types are the synchronous motors and the induction motors.